Three Thoughts about E-Book vs. Books

Technology has been a staple in my life. I went to college to study Computer Science and for almost a decade, I’ve worked professionally with technology. I value a good innovation. Technology can make tedious or time-consuming tasks quick, interesting, even engaging. But sometimes it gets in the way. Recently, my family was given Kindle […]

Three Thoughts about Communication from a Rookie Youth Pastor

As I continue to serve in our youth ministry, I’m often surprised by two things. First, I am surprised how much of ministry boils down to communication (e.g. communicating the right message to our teens, communicating proactively to parents about schedules, communicating clearly to our leaders). The second thing that often surprises me is how […]

Learn Things with Bible Memory for iPhone

I’ve mentioned before about the importance of Bible memorization. And I’m always interested in finding ways to make memorization an easier process. One such way is by using Bible Memory, an iPhone app from Mobilize Faith. Bible Memory is an iPhone app that helps you memorize scriptures verse-by-verse. One of the biggest strengths of this […]

Omnifocus for iPad Now Available

I received an email this morning from the Omni Group letting me know that Omnifocus for iPad is being released today. This is very exciting for all those GTD productivity nerds out there who have been holding out for this personal project manager on the their iPads. You can get more information on Omnifocus from […]

Tech Tuesday: Alfred, the Quick-Launcher

Since part of my job deals with the IT infrastructure of my church, I spend a lot of time on my MacBook. So I am always looking for software that helps me be productive. Though to be honest, I often spend more time reading about and playing with “productivity” software than actually being productive. One […]