More Thoughts about Church History

I have profited greatly from my Church History course at Reformed Theological Seminary. While I wouldn’t expect someone to enroll at RTS simply to take the class, there is no need! Thanks to technology and the glory of the internet, you can go and download the lectures for free at iTunes U. Consider this my […]

Three Thoughts about Discipleship

The vision of our youth ministry is to be a youth ministry that makes disciples who make disciples. Not terribly flashy, but it gets to the point. And, yes, I’ve thought through the fact that the Great Commission was given to the apostles, and that disciple-making is a function of the church. Nonetheless, we want […]

Three Thoughts about E-Book vs. Books

Technology has been a staple in my life. I went to college to study Computer Science and for almost a decade, I’ve worked professionally with technology. I value a good innovation. Technology can make tedious or time-consuming tasks quick, interesting, even engaging. But sometimes it gets in the way. Recently, my family was given Kindle […]

Music for Your Monday: Page CXVI

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post hymns are a wonderful part of traditional Christianity that has been lost on many new Christians who did not grow up in the traditional church. Thankfully, there are groups like Page CXVI, who are breathing new life into forgotten hymns by arranging the songs in more current musical […]

Learn Things with Bible Memory for iPhone

I’ve mentioned before about the importance of Bible memorization. And I’m always interested in finding ways to make memorization an easier process. One such way is by using Bible Memory, an iPhone app from Mobilize Faith. Bible Memory is an iPhone app that helps you memorize scriptures verse-by-verse. One of the biggest strengths of this […]