Five Reasons I Love Electricity or
Why I Wouldn’t Have Survived the Oregon Trail

Yesterday there was a crazy thunderstorm in my area. When I say “crazy” I don’t mean, “wow, pretty lightning.” I mean, “where did that tree branch come from? We don’t have maples in this area” crazy. I found a trash can lid outside our fence, random pieces of trash scattered throughout the yard. But the […]

Seminary Education on the Cheap

One the exciting privileges I have in life is to be able to go to seminary for formal pastoral education. I have been attending the DC campus of Reformed Theological Seminary for about four semesters now. And although I don’t believe that a seminary education is all it takes to be a pastor, it has […]

OmniFocus for iPad submitted to the App Store

Yesterday, The Omni Group announced that Omnifocus for iPad had been submitted to the App Store for review. This is exciting news for any GTD nerds (like myself) out there. For those of you who are not obsessed with personal productivity, Getting Things Done (GTD) is a book by David Allen that describes a helpful […]

Tech Tuesday: The iPad

It is official. I now own an iPad. There was a ton of speculation before the iPad came out and since then, there have been numerous reviews, both positive and negative. Tim Challies, a web developer and blogger, went from disappointed to simply underwhelmed, while others like Daring Fireball’s John Gruber were more impressed by […]