The Devotional That Will Revolutionize Your Spiritual Walk

If you’re reading this post because you want to know about the latest and greatest devotional material that will take you from a spiritual pee-wee to a titan, I’m afraid I’ve led you astray. However, if you’re here because hyperbole was the first thought that came to your mind when reading the title, then you’ve […]

Between gods and God

Choosing God, and not gods Over the past few weeks at our youth ministry, we’ve been preaching through a series called Smashing Idols. Our aim was to help our teens identify and dethrone those idols that so easily gain preeminence: romantic relationships, entertainment, self, money, etc. This past week, we looked at Psalm 16:11, in […]

Theology, Learned and Lived

After a significant hiatus, I’ve re-entered the world of academia and am taking a course this summer at Reformed Theological Seminary. As a side note, if you’re considering seminary, I heartily recommend RTS. One thing I’ve been thinking about off and on over the past year is the fact that it is entirely possible for […]

Biblical Theology in Youth Ministry

In our youth ministry, we’ve begun a series called, “God’s Timeline,” borrowing from Facebook’s feature of presenting a user’s content on a timeline. The thought behind the series was to present a redemptive-historical view of the Bible. The goal is for our youth to walk away realizing that their “timeline” is not primary, but is […]