Music for Your Monday: Meet the Rizers

Being a father is a crazy thing. My son, who I like to affectionately call “the boy,” is a mimic machine. For better or worse, he is constantly watching what I’m doing, oftentimes repeating my actions down to the smallest detail. The other day, I was chewing gum while I changed thy boy’s diaper. I […]

Learn Things with Bible Memory for iPhone

I’ve mentioned before about the importance of Bible memorization. And I’m always interested in finding ways to make memorization an easier process. One such way is by using Bible Memory, an iPhone app from Mobilize Faith. Bible Memory is an iPhone app that helps you memorize scriptures verse-by-verse. One of the biggest strengths of this […]

Scripture and the Rick Astley Effect

One thing I have become more passionate about over the years is Scripture memorization. The Bible is clear that we should not only read it, but hide it away in our hearts (Psalm 119:11). Memorization allows us to be away from our Bibles and still meditate on God’s word throughout the day. I have met […]

Do You Memorize Scripture?

Tim Challies recently posted a short article about Bible memorization. It is a helpful reminder that it is important not only to read the Bible, but to internalize it. Over the past few years, I have tried different methods like using 3×5 notecards and memorizing verses topically, or trying to memorize paragraphs at a time. […]