The Other Reason Evangelism Matters

This past summer, our youth group took a mission trip to Washington, D.C. For several of our youth, this was their first trip, as well as their first opportunity to share their faith. We used an evangelistic tool called the God Test, which is basically just a set of questions that allows one to open […]

Mission DC Last Day Recap & Reflections

Recap Yesterday was the last real day of our mission trip to DC. I think it ended well. In the morning, we returned to Food & Friends, where members of our team prepared and delivered meals. In addition, we interacted with some youth from another mission trip. In the afternoon, we went to Union Station, […]

Mission DC Day 4 Recap & Reflections

Recap Thursday is over and the week is almost out. Today I encouraged our kids from Galatians 6:9 to “not become weary in doing good” because God will produce something if we don’t give up. In the morning, we served at an elderly home. Breaking up into small groups of three and four, we visited […]

Mission DC Day 3 Recap & Reflections

Recap Today was an exciting day because we had some opportunities to serve and evangelize. In the morning, we served with an organization called [Food & Friends][1], that provides meals free of charge to individuals with life-challenging illnesses. We prepared meals as well as delivered some to individuals. In the afternoon, we broke up into […]