The Gospel is More Than Facts

The gospel is more than a set of facts ordered together to provide a person with an equation for divine reconciliation. It is true that in Christianity’s core message, salvation is offered. But sometimes that message gets boiled down to a few facts that you must believe in order to avoid an unpleasant afterlife and instead be ushered into paradise. There have […]

How Do You Respond Under Pressure?

All-nighters. That is the term given to the nocturnal binge cram-sessions that every educated person is due to experience once in their life. I experienced my fair share of all-night study sessions during my college career. The copious amounts of caffeine in sugar-saturated liquid form. The bright lights. The “breaks” where I fought off the […]

Louie Giglio on God’s Galactic Glory at the DG 2011 National Conference

Louie Giglio spoke Friday night at the Desiring God 2011 National Conference with a message entitled, *The Galactic God Who Invites Us Into The Glorious Plan*. The great take-away from this message was that there is an expansive, transcendent God who has invited us insignificant, finite, tiny, weak people to help Him accomplish His plan. […]