Below you’ll find a list of the books that I’ve found helpful in the past. Your mileage may vary.

Youth Ministry

  • Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields – This is kind of a standard text in the world of youth ministry. Fields gives a toolbox of all that one would need to “do” youth ministry from philosophy and purpose to the the practicals of dealing with adult leaders, parents, and schedules. It’s a great read for anyone wanting to do youth ministry.
  • Simple Student Ministry by Eric Geiger and Jeff Borton – Geiger approaches youth ministry from a “less is more” perspective. He proposes that youth ministry programs should be founded on an articulated process of discipleship.
  • Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries – This was a great complement to PDYM. DeVries lays out a systematic approach to doing youth ministry that is incremental, independent of the “superstar” youth minister, and foundational for healthy youth ministry. Very helpful.




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