Three Reflections from a Rookie Youth Pastor

If months were memories, December would be that time I was woken up by the dog outside, only to find out that my alarm didn’t wake me because I had stayed up too late studying for a test I’m ill-prepared for. I’m late for school and I have a report due in first period. Running. […]

One thought for 2012 from a Rookie Youth Pastor

The close of 2011 was a busy time. Between Christmas services and preparation for our annual New Year’s Eve event, I entered 2012 in a blur. But after about a week, I think the dust is beginning to settle as I survey the promise of a new year. I’ve been mulling over 2 Peter 1:2 […]

Three Thoughts about Reading from a Rookie Youth Pastor

As a young, inexperienced youth worker, I don’t benefit from the wisdom of years of fruitful experience. Thankfully many of those who have gone before have written books to help those of us who are young, impetuous, and foolish. This is why I read. The challenge is that there is a wealth of wisdom to […]

Three Thoughts about Communication from a Rookie Youth Pastor

As I continue to serve in our youth ministry, I’m often surprised by two things. First, I am surprised how much of ministry boils down to communication (e.g. communicating the right message to our teens, communicating proactively to parents about schedules, communicating clearly to our leaders). The second thing that often surprises me is how […]