Youth Ministry on the Cheap: Resources & Training

Resources. Training. Series ideas. Whether you are looking to do further biblical studies or to equip your youth, there is always a need for helpful resources. One of the great advantages of this information-age is the wealth of resources available to those with internet access and some patience. Below are a few of the resources […]

Youth Ministry Leadership Quick Tip: Ask and Listen

The following is part of the on the go training that I’ve begun to give our adult leaders in our youth ministry. The principles should be transferrable to other youth ministries with small group programs. Broken Interwebs “The Internet is not working.” Five words that strike fear into the core of my existence. I heard […]

Youth Ministry on the Cheap: Websites

The following post is part of a series outlining some ways to do youth ministry on a tight budget. Having a presence on the web is important. The internet has become one of the primary places that people get information. And whether it is event details, program times and meeting places, or other details of […]

Tech Tuesday: Alfred, the Quick-Launcher

Since part of my job deals with the IT infrastructure of my church, I spend a lot of time on my MacBook. So I am always looking for software that helps me be productive. Though to be honest, I often spend more time reading about and playing with “productivity” software than actually being productive. One […]

Five Reasons I Love Electricity or
Why I Wouldn’t Have Survived the Oregon Trail

Yesterday there was a crazy thunderstorm in my area. When I say “crazy” I don’t mean, “wow, pretty lightning.” I mean, “where did that tree branch come from? We don’t have maples in this area” crazy. I found a trash can lid outside our fence, random pieces of trash scattered throughout the yard. But the […]