More Thoughts about Church History

I have profited greatly from my Church History course at Reformed Theological Seminary. While I wouldn’t expect someone to enroll at RTS simply to take the class, there is no need! Thanks to technology and the glory of the internet, you can go and download the lectures for free at iTunes U. Consider this my […]

Three Thoughts about Church History

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been taking a course on Church History from Reformed Theological Seminary. I can’t recommend RTS enough. Their faculty and staff are wonderful, and the courses I have taken have been spiritually and ministerially fruitful. This course on Church History, spanning the book of Acts through to pre-Reformation era Christianity, […]

Youth Ministry Leadership Quick Tip: Ask and Listen

The following is part of the on the go training that I’ve begun to give our adult leaders in our youth ministry. The principles should be transferrable to other youth ministries with small group programs. Broken Interwebs “The Internet is not working.” Five words that strike fear into the core of my existence. I heard […]

Theology, Learned and Lived

After a significant hiatus, I’ve re-entered the world of academia and am taking a course this summer at Reformed Theological Seminary. As a side note, if you’re considering seminary, I heartily recommend RTS. One thing I’ve been thinking about off and on over the past year is the fact that it is entirely possible for […]