Music for Your Monday: Hymns by the Acclaim

Bringing Hymns Back A while back I wrote about the band Page CXVI my interest in seeing the worlds of indie music and hymnody mix. The theological and historical riches that many hymns offer are being re-introduced to a new generation through new arrangements that are compelling to a less traditional audience. As someone who […]

Small Group Leadership Quick Tip: Know When to Move On

The following is part of the on the go training that I’ve begun to give our adult leaders in our youth ministry. The principles should be transferrable to other youth ministries with small group programs. I Heart Mixtapes Remember tapes? Those little plastic boxes with ribbon that threatened to get tangled in your cassette player? […]

Music for Your Monday: Meet the Rizers

Being a father is a crazy thing. My son, who I like to affectionately call “the boy,” is a mimic machine. For better or worse, he is constantly watching what I’m doing, oftentimes repeating my actions down to the smallest detail. The other day, I was chewing gum while I changed thy boy’s diaper. I […]