Theology, Learned and Lived

After a significant hiatus, I’ve re-entered the world of academia and am taking a course this summer at Reformed Theological Seminary. As a side note, if you’re considering seminary, I heartily recommend RTS. One thing I’ve been thinking about off and on over the past year is the fact that it is entirely possible for […]

Three Takeaways from Studying Greek

Over this fall semester, I’ve been taking part in a Greek Reading Class, offered by Reformed Theological Seminary. We’ve been outlining, translating, and discussing Romans 1-7. It is by for one of the most challenging classes I have ever taken, and at the same time, one of the most rewarding. Here are the big things […]

Tech Tuesday: Mental Case

Memorization. For some it’s a four-letter word. Whether the subject is Spanish or Biology or History, memorization is both the key and the crux. And if you’re in seminary like me, memorization is a word that’s not going away any time soon. Thankfully, I’ve found Mental Case. Mental Case is a digital flashcard application for […]