Music for Your Monday: Hymns by the Acclaim

Bringing Hymns Back

A while back I wrote about the band Page CXVI my interest in seeing the worlds of indie music and hymnody mix. The theological and historical riches that many hymns offer are being re-introduced to a new generation through new arrangements that are compelling to a less traditional audience. As someone who loves innovation in music and works with a bunch of people who would otherwise never come in contact with hymns, I’m thankful and continually excited to see artists perform hymns.

Hymns by The Acclaim

The Acclaim is an indie band based out of Washington state. They have put together a live album of five relatively well-knowns, including one of my favorites, Come Thou Fount. The album has a raw, acoustic feel that you get from a live performance. The entire album is available at for whatever you’re willing to pay. It’s worth a look.

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