The Resurgence of Hymns in Indie Music

In the past, I’ve mentioned my love of hymns. Like any music, hymns are a practical way of conveying a message, oftentimes more successfully than a pulpit or lecture might do, due to the repetition and sheer memorability of music.

Page CXVI is a group that was formed for the express purpose of bringing to light some of the hymnody that is so beneficial to the body, but that might not have a listening among my generation or perhaps the one coming up after me. This is excellent. Recently, they came out with the fourth album appropriately named Hymns IV. It has seven tracks and you can get it at

All this to say, it is exciting to have resources like this available, where the timeless truths expressed in these hymns are being contextualized for another generation. For that I am thankful.

Published by Eddy Barnes

Eddy Barnes a husband, father, and the youth pastor at Grace Covenant Church.

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