Reading the Bible Devotionally

When Christians mention reading devotional material, sometimes it conjures up images of throw pillows and Chicken Soup for the Soul or that blue and pink “Extreme Teen Bible” that still sits on your bookshelf. Devotional sounds cheesy. That’s not the meaning I want to convey. When I say we must read the Bible devotionally, I […]

Interpreting the Bible: A Brief History

The following is a guest post by Alan Hicks. Before the Protestant Reformation only clergy and highly educated people had access to the Scriptures because they were written in Latin, a language that most people at that time no longer understood. Therefore the masses depended on the Roman Catholic Church (really the only church around) […]

Scripture and the Rick Astley Effect

One thing I have become more passionate about over the years is Scripture memorization. The Bible is clear that we should not only read it, but hide it away in our hearts (Psalm 119:11). Memorization allows us to be away from our Bibles and still meditate on God’s word throughout the day. I have met […]

Reading the Bible Prayerfully

A few weeks ago, I began a series of posts on how to read the Bible. The first two posts discussed reading the Bible consistently and contextually. In this post, I wanted to address how we can read the Bible prayerfully. Reading the Bible prayerfully is not a complicated concept. It just means that when […]