Three Thoughts about Reading from a Rookie Youth Pastor

As a young, inexperienced youth worker, I don’t benefit from the wisdom of years of fruitful experience. Thankfully many of those who have gone before have written books to help those of us who are young, impetuous, and foolish. This is why I read. The challenge is that there is a wealth of wisdom to […]

Three Thoughts from a Rookie Youth Pastor

Here’s another installment of triplet of cogitations that have been steeping in the area between my ears. Youth ministry is like learning to juggle knives while running. Ok, perhaps it’s not that severe. But it really is a process of learning while you execute. I’d love to be able to put everything on a pause […]

Reading the Bible Prayerfully

A few weeks ago, I began a series of posts on how to read the Bible. The first two posts discussed reading the Bible consistently and contextually. In this post, I wanted to address how we can read the Bible prayerfully. Reading the Bible prayerfully is not a complicated concept. It just means that when […]