Youth Ministry Leadership Quick Tip: Look at the Long-term

I love reading how-to books. They’re usually clear, straight-forward, and easy to apply. You can pick up a book on “Home Improvement for Dummies” and after reading a few pages, you’ve probably read enough to do something. Maybe not necessarily well or right, but you can go from reading to action relatively quickly. There’s a […]

A Short Book Review: Sustainable Youth Ministry

Recently, I finished reading Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries. It’s a book that I received from a friend in ministry who swears by it as a handbook for youth ministry health. I had put off reading it, but upon his persistent urging, I picked it back up and read it. I’m thankful that I […]

Three Thoughts about Reading from a Rookie Youth Pastor

As a young, inexperienced youth worker, I don’t benefit from the wisdom of years of fruitful experience. Thankfully many of those who have gone before have written books to help those of us who are young, impetuous, and foolish. This is why I read. The challenge is that there is a wealth of wisdom to […]

A Short Book Review: One-to-One Bible Reading

A few months ago, I was given a stack of exciting books, most of which I’ve not touched in …well a few months. One of my friends had gone to the Gospel Coalition conference and tried to appease my jealous anger by giving me books. I suppose it worked. One such book that he gave […]