Three Thoughts from a Rookie Youth Pastor

These are three thoughts about all the reading I’m trying to get through as a rookie youth pastor. Reading is important. Reading is the primary way that I’m learning about the organizational “mechanics” of youth ministry as well as theology. Reading has been one of the primary catalysts for growth and change both personally as […]

This Momentary Exile

In our youth group, we’ve been going through 1 Peter, looking at how Peter addresses an audience of Christians who are experiencing persecution throughout an area that spans modern-day Turkey. As I have been reading and preparing the first few verses, one of the big points that I think Peter makes is that this life […]

Interpreting the Bible: Five Rules

The following is the second of a two-part a guest post by Alan Hicks. In my last post I presented a brief introductory history of hermeneutics from the Protestant Reformation. Now let’s look at some of those rules of interpretation. We instinctively use many of these same rules when we read other literature as well, […]

Reading the Bible Devotionally

When Christians mention reading devotional material, sometimes it conjures up images of throw pillows and Chicken Soup for the Soul or that blue and pink “Extreme Teen Bible” that still sits on your bookshelf. Devotional sounds cheesy. That’s not the meaning I want to convey. When I say we must read the Bible devotionally, I […]