Louie Giglio on God’s Galactic Glory at the DG 2011 National Conference

Louie Giglio spoke Friday night at the Desiring God 2011 National Conference with a message entitled, *The Galactic God Who Invites Us Into The Glorious Plan*. The great take-away from this message was that there is an expansive, transcendent God who has invited us insignificant, finite, tiny, weak people to help Him accomplish His plan. Here are my notes from the talk.

###The Introduction
>”We are not here at our leisure…we are here for one purpose…to be an amplifier of the beauty of Christ.”

>”We are all participators in God’s global purpose of grace.”

####Psalm 40
* Full Gospel story of redemption.
* Not just that we got saved and put on solid ground.
* But that we also sing a song of praise so that many would hear and fear.
* And by implication, that many would put their trust in the Lord.
* There is a ripple effect that the Gospel should have, so that we don’t just ponder, but we proclaim.

###Isaiah 6
* When we have a vision, even a fleeting glance at the glory of God, it wrecks us. The Holy Spirit puts us on a track to build us back together.
* Worship doesn’t begin when we start singing. Worship begins wherever God is present.
* *Do I personally have a sense of, “I was undone” until grace came?*
* When God asked, “who will go?” Isaiah did not deliberate.
* Did you hear that when God said, “who shall I send?” because you can’t stand by the cross and not hear those words.

###Who’s Asking the Question: “Who shall I send?”
* The God who created the galaxies. The Galaxy-breathing God.
* There are galaxies in creation that we aren’t even aware of that are praising God.
* Astronomers look at the universe and ask, “why is it so big if it is here to house humanity,” but if they knew it is supposed to worship God…

###Psalm 148
* After 147 psalms, the Psalmist is still saying, “Praise the Lord!”
* God does not need us; the rest creation itself is praising Him.
* God didn’t ask anyone for help to create the universe, or to complete redemption.
* But he does ask us to help by proclaiming His Gospel.
* God has chosen us to finish the job.
* Romans 1 – inherent in redemption is mission.
* There is no question of what the church must do; what we have been told to do in the Great Commission, but it is not as if God is throwing a manual in your lap, as much as God is inviting you to be part of *what He is going to do.*
* God calling us as he runs forward on the mission that he will ensure is accomplished.
* If you haven’t felt closeness with God, maybe it is because you’re doing your thing separate from what God is doing.
* **Who’s asking? A God who doesn’t need us, but is inviting us to get on board with what he is doing.**

*Louie Giglio is pastor of [Passion City Church](http://www.passioncitychurch.com/).*

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