Music for Your Monday: Meet the Rizers

Being a father is a crazy thing. My son, who I like to affectionately call “the boy,” is a mimic machine. For better or worse, he is constantly watching what I’m doing, oftentimes repeating my actions down to the smallest detail. The other day, I was chewing gum while I changed thy boy’s diaper. I […]

Thoughts for Friday Morning

The week is quickly coming to a close. Here are a few thoughts rolling around in my head. We’re going to camp next week! Our youth group is hosting a fall “kick-off-the-school-year” camp. There will be a trapeze, skateboarding, free-style rapping, a monkey, and many Chuck Norris references. It’s going to be a fun time. […]

Music and Our Affections

Music has a unique and powerful ability to stir the affections. Back in high school, music albums became the backdrop for my life, fueling my happiness or sadness, introspection or extraversion. My emotions were often out of line with reality largely because of how the music amplified them. Music is pervasively used to create or […]

Interpreting the Bible: Five Rules

The following is the second of a two-part a guest post by Alan Hicks. In my last post I presented a brief introductory history of hermeneutics from the Protestant Reformation. Now let’s look at some of those rules of interpretation. We instinctively use many of these same rules when we read other literature as well, […]

Reading the Bible Devotionally

When Christians mention reading devotional material, sometimes it conjures up images of throw pillows and Chicken Soup for the Soul or that blue and pink “Extreme Teen Bible” that still sits on your bookshelf. Devotional sounds cheesy. That’s not the meaning I want to convey. When I say we must read the Bible devotionally, I […]