Mission DC Day 3 Recap & Reflections


Today was an exciting day because we had some opportunities to serve and evangelize. In the morning, we served with an organization called [Food & Friends][1], that provides meals free of charge to individuals with life-challenging illnesses. We prepared meals as well as delivered some to individuals.

In the afternoon, we broke up into teams and spent time in the city. We each had time to meet with some of the homeless people in the area, as well as provide a meal and conversation. We shared the gospel through the God Test and prayed for quite a few people. I think this was a watershed moment for a lot of our teens who have either never or rarely shared their faith.


I’m thankful for the power that God invests in the proclamation of the gospel. I’m thankful that it is the Holy Spirit who transforms people, gives new life, and brings conviction and the gift of repentance. And I’m glad that God calls me to play the small role of being a “newsie,” someone who shares the good news.


Pray that we will finish Thursday and Friday strong. Pray that we make the best use of our remaining opportunities to share the gospel. And pray that each of our kids is changed forever through this experience.

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Eddy Barnes a husband, father, and the youth pastor at Grace Covenant Church.

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