Mission DC Day 2 Recap & Reflections


Today was another day of good hard work. In the morning we headed to DC Central Kitchen where we prepped a number of meals by peeling carrots, cutting lettuce, mixing soups, and generally doing all manner of cookery. The teens enjoyed the opportunity to serve. We ran into another group of teens in the area and got to hear their story. Overall, it was an encouraging moment to serve the city in a self-sacrificial way.

In the afternoon, we went back to the People’s Church, the church that is renovating a schoolhouse. Sweat poured as we continued to prepare the facility for inspections, clearing rooms, removing old lockers, loading buckets upon buckets of paint, and sweating some even more.

Finally, we ended the night by enjoying the culinary delights of Thai food. We had spring rolls, a peanut-noodle dish (though not Pad Thai) as well as a couple others. The group favorite was the fried banana rolls. It was a welcome respite from the day’s activities.

In the dorms we had opportunities to talk with some of the teens from other groups. I’m thankful for the opportunity to bunk with some teenagers from around the country and to share the gospel with them during this unique week of service.


I’m thankful for the level of unity within our group. Each member seems to be connecting well with one another. Everyone seems encouraged and excited for what the rest of the week holds. I’m looking forward to our opportunities to do street evangelism, sharing personal testimonies, as well as by using the God Test.


I hunger to see the power of God manifested here in DC. Pray that we are bold in speaking to people about the gospel, that we are bold in our faith and that the Holy Spirit meets us here. Pray that people are saved and that the faith our teens is forever impacted by the vitality that comes from sharing the gospel.

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Eddy Barnes a husband, father, and the youth pastor at Grace Covenant Church.

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