Three Things I Love about Youth Ministry

I’ve been involved in youth ministry now for almost six years, between volunteering and being on full-time staff. And I think I’m beginning to get a grasp of the broad range of things that youth ministry entails, from planning and administration, to connecting with kids and just building relationships of encouragement. Some of it I love, some of it I endure. Here are three things I do love about youth ministry.

  1. I love seeing people get the Bible. One of the most exciting things I get to do is teach what the Bible has to say for our lives. I don’t claim to be very good at it, but I know that I am passionate about people reading and understanding what God says in his Word. I love that moment when you’ve asked a thought-provoking question and the pieces seem to come together in the other person’s head. It’s great to be part of a moment where someone comes to love God more and appreciate the Bible.

  2. I love experiencing life with teens. A while ago, a bunch of us went bowling. Bowling is an interesting combination of other people’s shoes, sports equipment, and germs. But the nachos were good. And it was great getting to see kids hanging out with one another and having a chance to talk to some of them. Doing life together is one of the greatest privileges I have.

  3. I love watching other adults connect with teens. We have a lot of great adult leaders serving in our youth ministry. And one of the things I enjoy most about being a youth pastor is getting to see other adults serving God in the ministry. Helping leaders develop and helping people fulfill a calling makes the drudgery worthwhile.

There’s a lot more I could say about it. But what excites you about ministry?

Published by Eddy Barnes

Eddy Barnes a husband, father, and the youth pastor at Grace Covenant Church.

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